The delicious protein drink is widely known nowadays as a method for building muscle, but there are still other ways. Many people think they have to have a lot of muscle to lift a lot of weight, but this is not true. In particular, it depends on many factors such as technique, explosiveness, and a specific training schedule which is also important to develop strength. In this article, we will mainly focus on specific training and exercises to build muscle strength.

When you choose to follow simple strength training, it is wise to know which exercises are the most efficient to build muscle. In general, there are two essential exercises for muscle building: squat, and deadlift. These are called compound exercises because they train multiple muscle groups simultaneously. We start with the squat because it is the king of all exercises.

Strength Exercise: squat

In the squat, you will put every muscle in your body to work. You train coordination, stability, strength and mass with this exercise. The focus is mainly on the leg muscles. There are also variations on this exercise as the front squat.

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The task is carried out with the help of a barbell rest on the upper back. Then you drop down until your legs are parallel to your knees. The knees must certainly not go beyond the toes. Holding your back straight throughout the exercise is vital. It helps you to look ahead and keep the chest forward. This gives you a more natural position. Make sure you get someone with you to help. Otherwise, it is best to perform the squat with a squat rack.

Strength Exercise: deadlift

Another well-known exercise that trains the whole body is the deadlift. This task focuses on the back of the body: back muscles, hamstrings, and buttocks. The deadlift develops alongside strength and mass muscle as well as stability, coordination, and grip. You can perform the exercise in two ways: touch-and-go and stop dead. When doing the touch-and-go, you should focus on making repeats. When doing dead stop, rest on the barbell just on the ground before you pull it up again.

The deadlift is performed by pulling the barbell up. You do this by performing the following actions:

  • Stand in front of the barbell and drop down with your buttocks
  • Grab the barbell with both hands, straighten your back and move your chest forward
  • Place the barbell as close to your body
  • Pull the rod and hold the barbell in your hands
  • Let the rod back down with a straight back?

In a heavy deadlift, it is recommended to use a power rack. This ensures that your spine remains stable and straight during the exercise. If you find you have too little grip, you may consider using a mixed grip. Therefore, you can grab the barbell overhead with one hand. If you’re new to the deadlift, it is advisable to have someone to look at the position of your back, which should always be straight, otherwise you may injure your spinal!